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Neck length: Measure from behind the skull cap at the back of the head down the back of the neck to were the neck starts to spread out into the shoulders, if you have a yard collar on your dog use it as a guide, slide it down the neck so it cant go any further, measure to the far edge ( shoulder side ) of the collar, this will give you 2 points to measure between.
( don’t forget you don’t want this measurement to big / long you want your dog to be able to turn his or her head properly)

Around neck: Measure around the neck just before the shoulders as this is the widest part of the neck.

Girth: Measure right around the body behind the front legs

Around chest:
 Measure from behind one front leg where the armpit is back around the front of the chest to behind the other front leg where the armpit is created ( when you take this measurement make sure your dog is standing )
( this measurement is very important to stop the belly strap coming into the back of the leg )

When ordering a ready made plate we understand that it may not be the correct size and that you may need to exchange it to a different size
We are happy to do this for you, the plate must not be used or dirty in any way if you want to exchange it for another size
Exchanging a breastplate will cost you postage and handling to be sent back to you


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