Night Tech MS-42R Thermal Sight

$3,999.00 GST

Hunter Series: Thermal Mini-Sight

With XST Technology for superior image quality, Night Tech Mini-Sights have been developed with the hunter in mind

Magnification: 3.12 Recording: Video Only
Sensor Resolution: 384×288 Detection Range: 2500m
Focal Length: F35 / 1.0 Small Game: Short-Medium
Battery Life: 4H Big Game: Medium


Night Tech customers wanted a high-quality thermal mini-sight that was lightweight, simple to use, available at a competitive price and that didn’t have any needless complexities.

The New MS-42R comes with improved image quality with a 12μm sensor, enhanced algorithms and image processing, OLED display screen, on-board recording with 32GB storage and WIFI live streaming as well as a 3 year warranty.

The Mini-sight range Incorporates the latest in thermal imaging developments. XST Technology, means you can now detect objects at greater distances and identify them with better accuracy. Enjoy class-leading performance with images that are up to 3 times sharper and more sensitivity than some other thermal products on the market.

Warranty: 3 Years