InfiRay Tube TD50L Digital Night Vision & Day Optic – 850IR

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The InfiRay Tube-TD50L is a high-performance digital night vision riflescope designed in the traditional day optic form factor to accommodate optimal use on bolt action rifles. The TD50L is the perfect digital night vision optic for the discerning hunter looking for classic aesthetics and excellent low-light sensor sensitivity. Featuring a 13+ hour run time and an IP67 rating, the TD50L can last all night in any hunting conditions.

Z-Vision NV-303 – 3-in-1 IR Torch

For identification up to 350 meters and eye shine out to 600 meters

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INFIRAY Long Life 2040mAh18500 Rechargeable Battery

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Quality USB Car Charger Nitecore UMS4 3A

$89.00 GST each

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