InfiRay Rico RL42 384 Thermal Scope

$4,499.00 GST

Recording: Video Only Magnification: 4-16
Sensor Resolution: 384×288 Sensor Rate: 50hz
Detection Range: 2100m Sensor Pixel Size: 12 micron

Please note that we are currently testing these devices to determine the quality of the audio devices. The InfiRay RICO RL42 is built to do two things: have the best image possible and be easy to use. Powering the Infiray Rico RL42 is the InfiRay Micro II Core and an extremely high contrast, easy on the eye AMOLED HD Display.  Combined with the InfiRay MATRIX III image algorithm, by far the most developed in consumer thermal scopes, with features that include Advanced Image Correction and Automatic Image Optimisation, the InfiRay RICO has unmatched image quality.

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