Bristle Up First Aid Kit

$160.00 GST

After hunting in remote locations like Cape York we have completed a pack with what we use. A lot of thought has gone into this pack and we think everything in it is very practical. Everything in this pack is available for seperate sale. Please call or Text 027312312 if you have any questions

Pack includes (All items arrive in sterile packaging)
1 x heavy duty bag
2 x 60 ml syringe
2 x medical drains
4 x self adhesive bandages ( 2 of each size)
5 x stainless scalpels
3 x stainless stiches cutter
2 x sutures
2 x tampons
2 x 55 staple guns
1 x staple remover
1 x needle holders
1 x dressing scissors
1 x tweezers