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Category Archives: Big Boar Stories

BIG BAD BRUCE – by Luke Farr – Walgett NSW

What’s the best part about being out west, the fly’s that crawl in your ears in your nose and in your mouth(In that order) The Blistering summer heat that peels […]

Big Granite Boar 100kg+ – Paul and Sim McManus

I received a call from Ronnie asking if I wanted to go for a hunt tonight, i agreed and we decided we would meet at the front gate of the […]

Competition Boar – Oz Hogz

Competition boar There is nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition between mates. After a few cold ones and a barbie one afternoon the terms were set. Each of […]

Warrior Boar – By Ryan Sippel, Kyle Low

A mate rang me up and asked if I wanted to go for a run around home on Sunday morning with another mate and his brother. So I said righto, […]