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Hunters Profile – Callan Laffin

AGE: 22 NICKNAME: Swivel hips/bean/bull YEARS OF HUNTING: Can’t remember, since I was a young tacker HUNTING METHOD: Depending on weather and where I’m hunting I hunt with dogs on […]

Hunters Profile – Jamie-Lee Taylor

AGE: 20 NICKNAME: Taylor YEARS OF HUNTING: 1 :1/2 HUNTING METHOD : Dogs & Guns PREFERRED BREED:  Don’t have a preferred breed, gee I’ve seen Kelpies hang like ticks, so […]

One Day Out – Young Brooke Foat

One day I asked dad if we could go pigging the next day, so dad replied yeah sure. I asked dad if we could start bright and early, like at […]

NEVER GIVE UP – Kellie Read

There is nothing better than packing up the Ute with dogs and heading out for hunt. For the last 16 years I’ve been out hunting with my husband dale, just […]

Pigging With My Mum

When I go pigging I get to take my best mate, my main hunting partner and someone who loves hunting as much as me. My mum (Kim Evans) she is 40 […]

30/30 Boar – Kate Farrugia

It was a Sunday morning and I was keen to try out my new 30/30 on a property close to home, after speaking to the property owner the day before […]

Bourke Bound – Chloe Neuman

Well it all started one afternoon when I called my hubby and told him my friend has given us a number to a cockies place out west. “Do you want […]

Bustin’ Boars at Bingara – Ryan Cameron

It was the June long weekend. Winter was certainly here, with temperatures bloody cold on the New England ranges. A few mates and I headed to a property about 3 […]

WhenYou Least Expect It – By Jarred Skinner

It gets very hot up here during the summer months, so I try to take the dogs for a walk during the day to get them used to the heat. […]


I recently had the chance to catch up with some old family friends from way back when I was just a kid. It was John and Helen Devine from Gunnedah […]